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Sunday Services

Wednesday - Bible Study

Thursday - Taise Service

Friday - Prayer

When we talk about prayer, we’re talking about spiritual communication with God. We’re talking about emptying ourselves, we’re talking about bringing our fallenness, our shortcomings and our entire sinful nature before God. Many a time our prayers are not answered because we think we can lie to God about who we are, forgetting that God already knows who we are before we even think of deceiving him or lying to him.
Sunday Services

11:00 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Praise and Worship
11:00 am - Worship
Partial Front on 7th Avenue
1st Sunday - Communion Sunday
2nd Sunday - Men's Sunday
3rd Sunday - Children's Sunday
4th Sunday - Youth Sunday
(5th Sunday - Women's Sunday)
1:00 pm - Fllowship
Wednesday - Bible Study

God commands his servants, "Study to show yourself approved before God."
We gather every Wednesday at 7:30 pm to study the Word of God because it is God's written instructions to humankind. It answers every important question in life. It explains how to live and it reveals the road to salvation.
Why do we study the Bible? 2 Timothy 2:15 admonishes, "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
Therefore, we welcome everyone to come and join us in this inspirational study of the Word of God. Remember, the Bible is God's Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth..
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Thursday - Taize Service

Offers a sacred and safe space for the Community to Rest, Renew and Rekindle the Spirit, as we all seek to be one with God.Taize Service is at 7:30 every Thursday evening.

What is Taize?
Taize is a tiny village hidden in the hills of Burgundy, France, where Brother Roger Schultz started a Christian community to practice radical hospitality to ALL people of God. Now his spirit of Love has caught fire in the people of all the continents and has become an international symbol of the living community of Love in many languages and denominations.


On Canceling Sunday Services on Christmas Day

In the protestant churches in America, 10% of church will close their doors on Sunday Morning on Christmas day in 2011. Many of the believers and leaders are in dilemma to choose between family tradition or worshiping God. It is a dilemma we all face today. Should I honor God over my culture? In this case, some proved by their actions, that they are believers as long as it fits their life style. These churches can’t save the culture when it goes bad. Isn’t it time to say that enough is enough?

The sin of hypocrisy

Religion is the finger pointing to the moon. It is the markers in the wilderness to guide the way out. When it remains as a finger and markers but loses its spirit, it became like a compass without magnet.
The result of religion without the holy spirit? It misleads. This is why Jesus was most adamant on the subject of hypocrites. Like a most delicate and notorious meal when turns to sour, it becomes poison and they ended up killing Messiah.

Like most delicate and nutritious meals become poison as they go bad, they ended up killing their hope, messiah.

Friday - Prayer

Prayer is one of our main ministries and reasons that we are here. Prayer is the gift from God to be received and used to multiply God's blessing. Prayer is the labor that requires our full attention and time. Coorporative prayer has a mighty effect on the life of people of God.
We gather every Friday at 6:00 pm for Prayer / Intercessory Prayer. Do you feel the need to prayer for yourself and others? When disiciples pray together, the house rocks and the world of evil trembles.
Open to everyone.

Daily Morning Prayer Tuesday-Saturday at 6:00 am
"Awake my sou! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn." Ps:57-8
Seek to be in the presence of the Lord, in the Holy Spirit, at the break of the day.Prayer changes the world and tansforms lives. It rocks, it nails the evil, it wins the victory. If you have a reason to come to God, and you are willing to face God, this may be your prayer.
Offered to the public by appointment only, by calling Pastor Yoo at 718 230 0777.
Expect to be wth the Pastor and the Holy Spirit (30 minutes)