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Pastor Yoo
Pastor Yoo
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Rev. HyoungDock Yoo's Bio

I was born after the Korean War in 1956 to a Methodist pastor's home near Seoul, Korea, I was the third child of four. In 1989, I came to the US to find and meet with God. I attended Drew University Theological School and was called to be a bridge person, and made special efforts in the area of racial and cultural harmony in our society for the Kingdom of God. I have served churches in Dover Plains, Wingdale, Germantown, Elizaville, West Tagkanic, Glenco Mills, St. James in Long Island, Kensington CT, and East Berlin United Methodist Church. I am married to Junghee and we have four children; Jae Hyoung, Joe, Joon Hyoung, Joe, and Hajung.

Fun Facts About Rev. Yoo

What brought him to ministry? My father who gave everything for the church. I was curious for his faith and it led my awakening of Joy of being a pastor. But before, I had to take my cross first.

What language does he speak at home? I was told to speak truth. "The one whose walk is blameless, who speaks the truth from their heart. " Psalm 15:2

His favorite hobbies: Running or walking, golf, guitar

His favorite Bible verse: "The greatest among these is love. " 1 Cor. 13:13

Favorite Hymn: "How Great Thou Art"

Favorite color: Rainbow

Favorite food:

What is his goal in pastoral ministry?: "I think I am a sheepdog while the Lord is true shepherd and my job is to lead people to Christ."

Greatest Joy?: "I take pastoral relationship serious as I represent Christ to you and my greatest joy is to be called pastor by heart, not by title."

Last words? "To know, know, know you is to love, love, love You. Yes I do!"