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Our Mission


Pastor's Word
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Our Mission

To practice the presence of God in our daily lives by following the examples of Jesus Christ, so that the love of God may be demonstrated and God may be Glorified
Pastor's Word

 - My goal in Ministry is to lead the flock to Christ.
 - My focus is to build and lead this church in the love of Christ.

Brother Roger, founder of Taize community, expressed these sentiments best when he said,
"Since my youth, I think that I have never lost the intuition that community life could be a sign that God is Love, and Love alone. Gradually the conviction took shape in me that it was essential to create a community with men determined to give their whole life and who would always try to understand one another and be reconciled, a community where kindness of heart and simplicity would be at the centre of everything. In his God is Love alone."

It is my prayer day that I become built into the image of Christ, with my body and the spirit, as I seek to lead and build our church in this body of love for God. May you be alive in the love of Christ today and I hope to see you at Grace United Methodist Church soon.

Rev. HyoungDock Yoo


Thank you for visiting Grace United Methodist Church on the web.

Our work is spiritual first. You are welcome here regardless of your outlook, or languages you speak. We here at Grace are rich in diverse races and cultures. Together we meet as children of God and seek to provide the good news of saving 'Grace' for the world. Here 'Grace' is at work always!

Rev. HyoungDock Yoo
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The Word
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Our Vision

1. To be the truly multi-racial congregation as it reflected in our community.

2. Christ is the leader and shepherd of this church. We belong primarily and essentially to Christ himself thus we are the     body of Christ. Pastor would be a sheep dog.

3. Partnership and team work is the bones and muscles that hold this community together as it run on the heart (love) of     Christ.